Friday, January 7, 2011

Ford Focus Electric(2012) The Passenger Electric Vehicle Focusing On Nature

Ford has announced that its "first" Passenger Electric Vehicle is going to hit the market by next year starting . The news has been confirmed by Ford in the last week's Consumer Electric Show in Las Vegas.

During the release Ford said the following lines :- "Much of Focus Electric's steering, handling, and braking feel is shared with the agile, sporty, fuel-powered Focus models upon which it's based, making Focus Electric a dynamic driver's car."

The focus of Ford through this project is in Nature and its resources and brighter future for the World. Ford says that Ford Focus Electric will be a perfect and real car by 2012 with a Top Speed of 84 mph.

The car is powered by Permanent Magnet Electric Motor making 123 hp and 181 pound-feet of torque. A 23 kWh LG Chem battery pack is set under the back seats that is actively liquid heated and cooled to increase the battery life and range.

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