Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ford C-MAX (2012) Details And Stills

Famous American automobile manufacturer Ford plans to introduce their new MUV Ford C-MAX by the middle of January 2011. New Ford C-MAX, a compact 7-passenger vehicle based on the Focus is expected to make its North American debut at the '2011 North American International Auto Show, Detroit'.

Ford C-MAx has got a 1.6ltr Ecoboost engine,turbocharged direct injection four-cylinder gasoline unit. The particular gasoline unit provide the output of much larger conventional engines with better fuel economy. The vehicle is as long as Focus sedan 2012 with 5+2 seats.In C-MAX, the standard engine will be normally aspired 2.5ltr four cylinder engine. Both engines will come with a standard 6-speed auto transmission. The ford new C-MAX has got new options like hands free power lift gate activated by running leg under the bumper and active park assist which automatically steers the vehicle into a parallel parking space. It has got slidind rear doors like mazda 5.

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