Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Chevy Camaro KITTed with Knight Rider LEDs

Ever since the new Camaro hit the streets, we knew that someone was bound to make a link between GM's pony car and KITT. That someone happens to be member 'Spaceballone' of the Camaro5 forums and what he did is to modify and install an LED light scanner in that little mail-slot air intake on the hood above the Chevy bowtie badge.

The UK-based company that sells the KITT LED scanner for about $160 claims that the system comes with three settings that that mimic the light patterns on the original 1980's Knight Rider 2000 car and on the Shelby GT500KR in the shortly lived Knight Rider 2008 TV series.

We're not so sure if it's legal in most places to use the LEDs while driving, so if you're thinking about installing the system, better ask before you get into any trouble.

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