Tuesday, December 7, 2010

beautiful car modification

Car modification can be broken down into professional and hobbyist. On the professional side there is the AMG division of Mercedes, the BlackOps division for the same manufacturer, as well as the M division for BMW. On top of that and we also see independent tuning companies such as Brabus competing with the in house tuners. These companies tend to make quite major and wholesale changes to the vehicles, be it from adding new engines, tweaking what is already there, body tuning or altering the suspension. Such alterations are geared at one thing, and that's either getting a quicker time for track racing or a more exciting road performance. Individual modifications of cars tends to be more basic with exhausts being changed, or turbos added. These changes are for the most part based in aesthetics, especially on Japanese import cars with spoilers being very popular despite any apparent speed increase being offered. That said there there is an amount of performance based tuning out there with young drivers keen to increase the speed of their relatively cheap cars.

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