Saturday, December 25, 2010

Audi Daysailer: Young Designer Creates Yacht Model with Audi DNA

For the time being, Audi is content with its automotive operations but it never hurts to raise your sails to a catch a different wind. The Daysailer is the result of university-level partnership with the Joanneum University of Applied Science, Graz. The 1:15 scale mode was designed by Markus Klug. The 25-year-old student said that he drew his inspiration from his passion for sailing with the Audi MedCup, a regatta series in the Mediterranean for TP52 yachts, playing a vital role in the design of the model.

"I wanted my design to be clear and direct, but also luxurious and sport," explained Markus Klug. "It has to captivate the onlooker at first glance, in precisely the same way that the cars do, he added.

The prototype mode for the Audi-inspired yacht is just over one metre long but if it were to come to life, it would measure 15 metres in length, its mast would be 21 metres high and it would have a draught of between 1.5 and 2.5 metres.

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