Monday, December 6, 2010

2011 Iconic Motors Sports Car AC Roadster

ICONIC Motors answers with 2011 ICONIC AC Roadster, for those who crave unparalleled power and innovative performance. The 2011 ICONIC AC Roadster is designed from the ground up to be on of the world most completely refined and advanced super cars. Virtually no other vehicle in the planet has undergone the same kind of engineering development and attention to detail as the ICONIC AC Roadster.

2011 Iconic Motors Sports Car AC Roadster
Designed as the world’s most completely refined and advanced super cars, 2011 Iconic Motors AC Roadster has got styling cues from the legendary Shelby Cobra.
Now American sports car company ICONIC Motors have partnered up with AC Cars and renamed the car AC Roadster. First revealed by AC Cars back in 2008 as the GTR Roadster, then unveiled in the flesh at last year's Top Marques Monaco event as the MkVI AC Cobra, ICONIC has partnered with AC to present the AC Roadster. The sports car a 6.9-liter V-8 rated at 800 horsepower married to a classic AC-styled roadster chassis weighing in at about 2,400 pounds. That's good for 60 mph in under three seconds, according to the company.
“The ICONIC AC Roadster is more than just a sports cars, it’s among the world’s most refined and beautifully designed super cars. It’s the lightest, strongest, most well engineered, high performance roadster of our time. The engine, drive train, support electronics and overall chassis make this one of the most complete vehicle packages on the market today and is made right here in the USA,” said Claudio Ballard, chairman and founder, ICONIC Motors.
This innovative process allows for ICONIC Motors to capture the look and style of timeless classic roadsters from the 1950's and ’60's, while infusing all of the modern technology and engineering available today, this super car is truly the first of its kind.
The 2011 ICONIC AC Roadster is the first of many uniquely designed modern era muscle cars that blend the legendary design cues of the past with the technology of the future. The sports cars is now available for order, with first deliveries to come in 2011.

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